Ross Island, Andaman - Points to Focus before Plan Your Trip

When it comes to enjoy the sand, beaches and water amalgam then only one place come into mind that is Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is the collection of number of islands in it only. There are number of catchy attractions here with the beautiful coral view. One of the beautiful parts of it is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island (Ross Island).

It is connected with ferry service from the main land of Port Blair. Before independence it was the administrative headquarters of British regime which later and now is Port Blair.

The main attractions of this island are:
  • Old ruins: well when it comes to historical places then it is always exciting to see the old remains that speak so much it. Ross Island has some of the oldest British and Japanese structures. This ruin tells the luxurious life of Britishers and includes church, Secretariat, Government house, swimming pool, printing press etc.
  • Light and sound show: this show is one of the attractions which tell about the history hat how Ross island was prepared and constructed. This basically indicates the entry of Britishers to India and setting their administration rule. I think if you add a bit of history to your tour then it gets more interesting.
  • Sanctuary: In the middle of island with deer and peacocks sanctuary. All animals live here with complete protection and large tropical trees around. Here no extra feeding is allowed. If you are close to nature and animals then this is a must visit place.
  • Man caves: one very precautionary step to be taken before visiting here in Ross island is to have a guide for safety and swift return. It is exceptionally woven man caves that actually helped the Britishers to escape during attack.

These were some of the points to focus in Ross Island before you plan your trip.


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